Carol Holgate

Desert View Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Carol Holgate, DVM
Tuba City, Arizona
(928) 283-6184

Desert View Veterinary Clinic

Small and Large Animals
Preventive medicine
(including vaccinations, flea/tick, mange, deworming)
as well as spay/neuter for dogs and cats,
other surgeries
and a range of other services offered
for horses, cattle and sheep
Clinic is located 1/2 mile west of 3 water tanks,
in north Tuba City.

Elward and Carol Holgate

Dr. Carol Holgate and Ralphy Dr. Carol Holgate, Elward and puppy

Dr. Carol Holgate and xray lightbox Dr. Carol Holgate and puppy

Dr. Holgate with puppy

Dr. Holgate performing surgery

horses eating hay

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Desert View Veterinary Clinic
PO Box 3811
Tuba City, Arizona 86045

dog paw print